Bungie teases the Witness at upcoming Destiny 2 showcase

We’re one month out from the next Destiny Showcase event, and Bungie has just let slip a new teaser trailer that hypes up the Witness, the big bad who is finally on the horizon in Destiny’s ongoing narrative.

The Destiny Showcase teaser kicks off with images of the malevolent Black Fleet which ushered in the end of Humanity’s Golden Age, and scenes as well as a menacing voiceover from The Witness, Destiny’s Big Bad who finally made their appearance at the end of The Witch Queen expansion.

The clip ends with a date for the next Destiny Showcase: August 23, 2022. There we will presumably hear more from The Witness, and see more of what Bungie has planned next for Destiny 2, such as the latest story content for the next Season, and perhaps more about the long-rumored Lightfall expansion.

What do we know about The Witness?

As the Guardians of the Last City unravel the means by which the Hive goddess of trickery, Savathun, stole the power of Light, they discover hints about an ancient and malevolent entity guiding the advance of Darkness and manipulating the Hive’s bloody rampage across the universe.

As players discover more about The Witness through the course of the Witch Queen campaign, it’s revealed that The Witness is a consumate manipulator, The Voice In The Dark guiding the inexorable advance of the Black Fleet and engineering the demise of civilizations through agents known as Disciples. We know of one Disciple, the fanatical (and fabulous!) Rhulk who serves as the boss of the Witch Queen’s Vow of the Disciple raid.

Destiny showcase

What do we know about The Black Fleet?

While Rhulk may have been defeated by the Guardians during the Vow of the Disciple raid, The Witness’s influence continues to grow. The ominous Black Pyramids of the Fleet continue to awaken throughout the Sol system, and the latest story expansion, the Season of the Haunted, sees the deposed Cabal Emperor Calus succumbing to the blandishments of The Witness, ascending to become the newest Disciple.

The Witness is gathering its forces for a battle against the Traveller and the Last City, even as the Guardians find new allies, and new ways to wield the power of Light and Dark. Destiny fans are going to be in for a treat with the next Destiny Showcase as Bungie is lining up the pieces for a climactic showdown in its saga of Light and Dark with Lightfall.

We’ll all find out what Bungie has in store during the Destiny showcase on August 23, 2022, and in the meantime, Destiny fans can enjoy the festivities of the latest seasonal event, the Solstice of Heroes festival, which runs from July 19 to August 9th, as well as discover more about the ascension of the newest Disciple, Emperor Calus, as part of the Season of the Haunted, which ends on August 23.

Destiny 2 is free-to-play on all the platforms it’s on including Xbox consoles and PC, but for a more full-bodied experience, players should pick up the latest expansion, The Witch Queen.