Borderlands 3 update has crossplay for all but PlayStation

Borderlands 3 update for cross-play

Last month, Gearbox revealed that Borderlands 3 would be getting an update that would introduce cross-play. Today, that update is live and gives players on Xbox, PC, Mac and Google Stadia the option to team up with each other regardless of differing platforms and start some shooting and looting parties. Well, everyone except PlayStation.

As we reported back in May, PlayStation would not be among the supported platforms for crossplay, which is a bummer for any Xbox players who were hoping to reach across to a brother and another mother (except the mother is a console and the brother can be a sister or non-binary sibling). Publisher 2K Games required that the feature be removed for PlayStation consoles, due to issues with Sony.

Cross-platform multiplayer support is being handled by SHiFT Matchmaking. Enabling it after today’s update will get you started on crossplay. But before you start ringing your friends on Stadia, PC and Mac, you’ll need to create a Crossplay Display name, which is required after you install the update regardless of whether or not you choose to disable crossplay moving forward.

The new Borderlands 3 update also kicks off a themed seasonal event called “Revengence of Revenge of the Cartels,” which pits players against the Eridium-powered gang leader Joey Ultraviolet and his gang of neon minions. Challenges let players earn cosmetic rewards such as the Pandora Sunset weapon trinket, the Cosmic Ring ECHO skin and the Framed Tenderizer room decor.

Themed seasonal events will be “endless,” meaning you can jump in and play them whenever you like rather than worry about them and their rewards disappearing forever. The level cap has also been boosted to 72, opening the door to a total of 70 skill points to play around with. More details on the new update are available in a post from the official Borderlands site.

Source: Borderlands Official Site