Borderlands 3 SHiFT codes, the most current keys to loot

Borderlands 3 SHiFT Codes
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Borderlands 3, like Borderlands 2 before it, makes use of a thing Gearbox calls ShiFT Codes to give out loot and other extra goodies. If you’re dedicated to scraping for just about every piece of loot you can get for the shared world loot shooter, you’ll find these codes on the various social media accounts of Gearbox and other community spaces for Borderlands.

SHiFT Codes are an incredibly novel way of keeping players engaged with Gearbox social media, and at best/worst, ensures that fans are tuned into the Twitter account of Gearbox’s Lord and Satan, Randy Pitchford. That’s right, if you want a chance at some free in-game treasures, Borderlands 3 requires you like, subscribe but thankfully, not obey.

After the latest update to Borderlands 3 unlocked cross platform play, we’ve decided that it’s a good time to comb the digi-webs for as many ShiFT Codes as we can find and determine which ones are still usable. We’ll update this page as often as we can, so stay tuned for more SHiFT Codes. Keep shooting and looting, pardner.

3 Golden Keys from Tiny Tina’s Robot Tea Party card game (issued Apr 01, 2019)

5 individual Golden Keys from the Diamond Loot Chest (issued September 13, 2019)

3 Golden Keys, via Randy Pitchford’s Twitter (@DuvalMagic)
5H5TJ-ZRHX9-CRKFS-RT3BT-5T6ZT (expires July 29, 2021)

Borderlands 3 SHiFT Codes

If you’re new to Borderlands 3, or are enticed to pick it up and start using these loot keys before they expire, here’s how to redeem them:

  • In-game. Via the game’s main menu, you can copy the 25 character SHiFT code, tab in and paste it in. You’ll find the keys when you portal back in as one of your characters.
  • Online via the official SHiFT site. Visit Make sure you’re linked up to your game account, that is to say via the Xbox Live account associated with your copy of the game. From the site menu, visit “Rewards” and paste your SHiFT code and click “check” to uh, check it in.
  • Or online via the new Borderlands VIP site. Create an account or login with your old Shift account. Choose “Redeem code” from the SHiFT menu. On this page you can paste in a SHiFT code. It’s also used to redeem any other reward codes associated with the game.