Battlefield 2042 beta dates have been spotted

It won’t be long before players will be able to play the Battlefield 2042 beta. At least that’s according to dates that appear to have leaked via Italian retailer MediaWorld (known as MediaMarkt in the rest of Europe.) The date given is Monday, September 6 through Saturday, September 11, and its safe to assume those dates apply to Central European Time.

Battlefield 2042 beta
In the lower right in red, the text reads, “Buy by September 3, 2021 in presale this product and you will receive access to the early beta of the game from September 6 to September 11.” 

The retailer has since removed the information from its product page, but as per the Internet, nothing is ever really gone. At least not with a good screenshot or the Wayback Machine. In any case, as part of the official FAQ page for Battlefield 2042, EA has been saying that the beta would go live “in the months leading up to launch,” and with the game’s October release on the horizon, few weeks are left to spare.

This bit of information is noteworthy to fans who are becoming increasingly frustrated over a lack of clarity as to when to expect the beta. And while I don’t ordinarily give much weight to “cranky fan” sentiments, there’s some concern to be had for people who want to set their schedules for a beta whose early access comes attached to a pre-order.

Although early access to the beta comes with every pre-order, there are specific perks reserved for the various editions available. Those paying $90 to $120 for Gold or Ultimate editions of Battlefield 2042 will get early access to the game starting on October 15; a week before it launches officially for everyone else on October 22.

I guess that’s great if you want a seven day head start on gaining the skills to take on your fellow players at launch, as Battlefield 2042 won’t be launching with a single-player campaign. Bots will be the only way to have a solo experience. Personally, I have conceded that anyone below the age of 36 is going to kick my ass.

Battlefield 2042 launches on October 22, 2021 for Xbox consoles and PC and is available to play one week earlier for members of EA Play, including Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers and those who pre-order the Gold or Ultimate editions of the game.