Back 4 Blood guide – secrets and tricks for survival

Back 4 Blood DLC

Back 4 Blood is finally available for everyone to play on Xbox Game Pass and we’ve got some secrets and tricks that’ll help you be masterfully efficient in your first few runs. While the game is a spiritual successor to Turtle Rock Studio’s own Left 4 Dead, there are many key differences like a card-based system, weapon attachments and an in-session currency. After several hours with Back 4 Blood, I’ve come up with the following secrets and tricks to help you out in your fight against the Ridden.

Use Recruit difficulty to grind your first cards

You’ll probably be tempted to start playing Back 4 Blood in Veteran mode, especially if you’ve got a lot of experience doing some team shooting. Yes I’m looking at you, Missus I Have 500 Hours In Left 4 Dead 2. But you should really start on Recruit difficulty, as Back 4 Blood does NOT go easy on you just because you chose the lowest difficulty and you’re still using a starter deck.

Sure, your supply points will be halved but you also won’t encounter some of the more difficult modifiers from corruption cards. Back 4 Blood assumes you have access to some upgrades, so your initial runs should be tentative and cautious until you’ve got some better cards in your deck. Save Veteran difficulty for later, or when you’re playing with a full squad of capable friends.

Use Solo mode to workshop deck ideas

Right now, playing in Solo mode gains you no supply points to unlock progression. This has been met with some backlash from players but it’s worth noting that Solo mode lets you try out every single card. Use this feature to experiment and try out different combinations. Your experiences in Solo mode can be used to field test cards and plan out your supply line purchases and the decks you build.

Always have 400 copper on you

Once you start playing at Veteran or higher difficulties, keeping spare copper on you is crucial. That’s because the healing station starts charging copper for every heal after the first. That means while one member on the squad gets free healing at the station, you have to pony up the cash for additional heals. Healing stations also take care of more trauma than healing kits, so

Back 4 Blood secrets

Refrain from using the same weapon

Whether you’re a sharpshooter, a close quarters combatant or an assault specialist, you probably have a favored weapon from all them shooty shooty bang bang videogames. Well I’m sorry to tell you that Back 4 Blood is most efficiently played with everyone using different weapons.

First, there’s only so much ammo to go around and when everyone decides to hold an AK-47 party, you’ll all end up short on assault rifle ammo. Second, friendly fire is a thing in Back 4 Blood – just as it was in Left 4 Dead – and that means you want your team operating at different firing ranges to avoid unloading buckshot into each other’s faces.

Use the shop to hold on to powerful mods

Ordinarily, you can’t remove mods and attachments from your weapons. That means when you buy a new gun, you end up leaving behind a weapon with all its precious mods on it. Thankfully there’s an exploit: buying mods will cause the other mod to drop. For example, throw down 120 copper for a common mod and the legendary mod will pop out to be reattached to another weapon.

Watch out for bad attachments

Be careful picking up weapons you find while gunning down the Ridden. Some of them have broken attachments with penalties instead of bonuses. That doesn’t mean you should ignore these weapons, but if you decide you need that rifle you found in the shed instead of the shotgun you’re carrying, make sure to replace its attachments as soon as you can.