Children of the Worm is the next expansion for Back 4 Blood

Turtle Rock Studios has just announced the second DLC expansion for Back 4 Blood, titled Children of the Worm. Children of the Worm will add new story content to the game in the form of a fifth act and feature new enemies that will cause more problems for the Cleaners.

To help combat the new threats our Cleaners will get some much needed back-up in the form of a new playable Cleaner, “Prophet” Dan, who was known to be a preacher of the end times. “Prophet” Dan sports a jacket with an Irish flag, a clover pin, a stencil that reads Peter 4:12 — in reference to the Bible verse about fiery trials — and a magnificent mustache to round it all up. 

The update will include new weapons such as the Lockjaw Rifle and a Bear Trap, accessories, cards and exclusive skins. And by the way, the up and coming skins for the Cleaners look like younger versions of themselves, I’m definitely into it. Those who have the Deluxe or Ultimate Edition of Back 4 Blood will receive Children of the Worm on the 30th of August, but otherwise you can purchase it as a standalone DLC. 

Other than all that, there’s no word on what new cards we’re going to get or who the new enemies are. But judging from Turtle Rock’s tweet, it looks like these guys are a bunch of masks wearing raiders of some sort, possibly even human if not mutated ones. 

Back 4 Blood expansion
Evolve is back 4 more!

Evidently, it’s good to be a Turtle Rock fan at the moment. Turtle Rock shows no signs of stopping as to supporting their games with Children of the Worm following up Tunnels of Terror which was released back in April. Not only that, but in recent news, the matchmaking servers for Evolve, Turtle Rock’s old 4v1 hunters vs monster game, appear to have returned, though that appears to be an action on publisher 2K’s part rather than having anything to do with Turtle Rock itself.

Back 4 Blood is available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S and The Children of the Worm DLC expansion will be released on the 30th of August.