Back 4 Blood Evangelo guide – tips and best cards

Back 4 Blood launched with eight Cleaners and while Evangelo isn’t necessarily the best among them, he makes for a reasonable starter. Evangelo’s higher stamina and increased breakout speed gives a new player a lot more room for error when it comes to attacking and surviving as they get their feet wet. But to truly get the most out of Evangelo, you’ll need to pay attention to a few things.

In Back 4 Blood, higher stamina and movement speed make Evangelo a great choice for luring the Ridden. As Evangelo engages in melee, his fellow Cleaners can mop up anything else giving him trouble. Second, a submachine or shotgun will serve him well, with reasonable crowd control against the hordes he’ll inevitably be hip deep in.

Here is just one of a few decks we’ve been using for Evangelo.

  • Meth Head: 40% Melee Attack Speed, 40% Melee Stamina Efficiency, Your Melee Attacks no longer stick in tough enemies, Disables: Aim Down Sights.
  • Slugger: 5 Health, 10% Melee Stamina Efficiency, 20% Melee Attack Speed.
  • Brazen: 30% Melee Stamina Efficiency, 30% Melee Attack Speed, -5% Damage Resistance.
  • Fleet of Foot: 10% Move Speed, -5% Damage Resistance.
  • Evasive Action: When you take a hit for 10 or more damage gain 20% Move Speed for 3 seconds.
  • Numb Defense: Gain 15% Damage Resistance while you have Temporary Health.
  • Spiky Bits: 25% Melee Damage, 10% Damage Resistance while using a Melee weapon, -15% Ammo Capacity.
  • Batter Up: 50% Melee Damage, 5 Health.
  • Berserker: Gain 10% Melee Damage, 10% Melee Speed, and 5% Move Speed for each Melee kill in the last 4 seconds.
  • Sunder: Melee hits cause the target to take 20% increased damage for 5 seconds.
  • Face Your Fears: Gain 3 Temporary Health whenever you kill a Ridden within 2 meters.
  • Superior Cardio: 20% Stamina, 20% Sprint Efficiency, 5 Health.
  • Battle Lust: Melee Kills heal 2 Health.
  • Ignore the Pain: 20% Melee Damage against Mutations. When you deal Melee damage to a Mutation gain 1 Temporary Health and recover 3 Stamina.
  • Heavy Hitter: Melee hits against Weakspots deal 20 additional Stumble Damage

In Back 4 Blood, the card at the top of a deck is the first active card that you will get in a run, so it is important to select it carefully. Placing Meth Head at the top has a tremendous impact with the significant increase to melee attack speed and stamina efficiency.

Back 4 Blood Evangelo

Placing it early allows you to get used to its drawback — the inability to aim down sights — and adapt your playstyle accordingly. Slugger and Brazen will also magnify the benefits of Meth Head, ensuring that you’ll have an unholy fast machete attack.

Spiky Bits, Batter Up and Berserker will allow you to synergize a massive melee damage bonus, with the last one reaping massive rewards to killing sprees, while Numb Defense and Spiky Bits come together to increase your damage resistance.