Apex Legends will be getting cross save progression and in-game gifting

Respawn’s premiere battle royale shooter Apex Legends is getting cross progression and in-game gifting. Respawn Entertainment confirmed that these are just a couple of their long term goals for the game. They’re most certainly features that veteran players will look forward to. 

News mainly comes from VG247, who had a Q&A with Respawn. When asked about an in-game gifting feature, Senior Game Designer Eric Canavese stated that, “We are actively working on gifting to other players now, but we want to make sure it’s something people enjoy, something that doesn’t feel grindy”

On the topic of cross progression in Apex Legends, Canavese stated that,  “We’re actively working on cross progression, but there’s no release date on it. The game wasn’t built with it in mind, which makes it complicated. But I hear you, and I want cross progression too. It’s something we’re definitely working on – we want it sooner than later.”

Apex Legends cross progression
Vantage lines up a shot

However, when asked about whether any additional support was coming from the Anti-Cheat front, Canavese didn’t state if there was any additional support underway. (For context, Apex Legends isn’t without any cheaters. Even pro players are getting frustrated over the amount of cheaters running around in the game.)

Instead Canavese emphasized their current stance as they work towards a solution, saying “We hate cheating as much as everyone else – it’s a tricky problem and we don’t want to show our hand. Our anti-cheat process is a constant work in progress, at the top of our radar, but it’s a complex problem. We’re not sure we’ll ever stomp it out, but we’ll try as hard as we can.”

Earlier in July, folks found out that there was a job listing at Respawn for a single player game set in the Apex Universe. When asked if PvE was ever coming to Apex Legends, Canavese stated that if any PvE content came from Respawn, it would be “through other products”. 

Lastly, even though it was a popular game mode, it appears that Control will not be a permanent game mode in Apex, at least for now. When asked if Control won’t be permanent, Gameplay Engineer Chris Winder’s response was he wouldn’t say “It’ll never happen.” 

Season 14 is just around the corner and Apex players can expect the next big update to bring out a new Legend, the King’s Canyon Revamp, the Level Cap raised and a new Battle Pass. 

Apex Legends Season 14: Hunted will arrive on the 9th of August. The game is available Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.