Aliens Dark Descent is an isometric bug shooter set in an iconic universe

The first ‘world premiere’ at Summer Game Fest today was Aliens Dark Descent, a new game set in the dark, uncaring universe of the Aliens universe.

The presentation focused on a typical bug hunt gone awry, the kind you’re familiar with if you’ve ever followed the Aliens universe at any meaningful length: with hopeless odds and betrayal punctuating it all. By all appearances, the game is a top-down isometric shooter, allowing players to focus on tactical coordination, spatial awareness all while seeing as many Xenomorphs as possible rush towards them.

It’s uncertain as to whether this is a finely tuned tactical experience in which you control soldiers as part of a team, or whether this is a co-op experience comparable to Aliens Fireteam Elite. One thing’s for sure, it’s one of many Aliens games that eschews the moody, suspenseful and terrifying experience of the now iconic Alien Isolation.

Aliens Dark Descent is being developed by Paris-based Tindalos Interactive, the same studio behind Battlefleet Gothic Armada, the starship RTS series based in the Warhammer universe. It is slated for all current generation consoles including Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and PC with a release year of 2023.

More information as we get it.