A Plague Tale: Innocence upgrades guide for all your tools

A Plague Tale: Innocence just received its free update via Smart Delivery that adds 4K ultra HD, 60 fps, support for 3D audio, faster load times and my favorite feature, Quick Resume. Which means there’s never a better time to play this celebrated gem than now on Xbox Series consoles.

Getting Amicia to lead her brother and friends past disease-ridden rat swarms and the hostile forces of the Inquisition will require you to be sneaky and clever with the various tools at her disposal. Throughout the game you’ll gather materials you can use to upgrade those tools. Most of the upgrades are fairly straightforward but some deserve priority while others are moot or redundant.

This Plague Tale: Innocence upgrades guide features our recommendations on which upgrades to get. Some of these require you to unlock a preceding upgrade but overall they’ll help you maximize materials and opportunities throughout some of the game’s most challenging ordeals.

Pockets and Ammunition upgrades are your priority

A Plague Tale: Innocence isn’t an open world game where materials are farmable, but there are more than enough of them to fill your pockets and fund most upgrades. That means you could find yourself leaving rooms or exiting chapters with materials left behind. To avoid that, try to upgrade your ammo and material carrying capacity as often as you can.

Finding your way to a work bench where that extra sulfur you left behind would have netted you a new upgrade is unfortunate, and could cost you some upgrades over time. You also want to have a broad range of ammo types on you at all times, and being able to carry more ensures you can top up your ammo as often as possible.

Get the first Strings upgrade as soon as you can

A sling is Amicia’s only weapon against the religious zealots, deadly rats and other threats she and Hugo encounter throughout A Plague Tale. That’s why it’s important to upgrade her strings. Get the first upgrade soon as you can: it guarantees a kill on a headshot. That’ll be crucial for dealing with the game’s first boss. The other Strings upgrades are also worth taking.

A Plague Tale: Innocence upgrades guide

The Pouch’s first two upgrades are a must for beating the game

Where the Strings improve Amicia’s attacks, the Pouch upgrades will improve her attack speed. The first two upgrades which reduce the time it takes to achieve maximum accuracy and then improve reload speeds. They are a must in order to keep up with the game’s difficulty curve, which will gradually increase enemy numbers per encounter.

Being able to spin up your attack and get multiple shots off in as little time as possible will be necessary to beat the game’s final boss too. The third upgrade, which allows you to get two shots off quickly is nice too, but not strictly necessary.

The first Attirail upgrade is the only one you really need

You’ll quickly learn the difference between an enemy you can take with your sling and enemy you have to avoid. In the case of the latter, perfect timing is needed to evade enemies without running, but if you want a more forgiving stealth experience take the first Attirail upgrade. Doing so will allow Amicia and Hugo to run with less noise.

Open your timing windows with the first Container upgrade

You won’t be able to unlock this upgrade until you’re about halfway through A Plague Tale, but when you do you’ll have access to a couple new tools that make stealth and puzzle solving a lot easier. Luminosa will create light anywhere you cast it to keep rats at bay while Odoris will draw them to a spot of your choice.

With greater control over the rat swarms available to you, you’l find lots of clever ways to solve the game’s environmental puzzles. Getting the first Container upgrade is ideal as it increases the duration of effect for Luminosa and Odoris making them last a bit longer, long enough to make timing your movements and actions a lot easier.