A Pirate’s Life: what’s new in Sea of Thieves’ third season

A Pirate's Life is the new free update for Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves has been sailing along for over three years now, and it continues to give players a jolly, wholesome take on the most cutthroat of milieus moreso with the new A Pirate’s Life expansion. The free update serves as the game’s third season and brings the world of Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean over the horizon, with it Jack Sparrow without any of the unpleasantness of Johnny Depp.

Announced at the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase during the weekend of E3 2021, the free expansion brings the cool, misty oceanic spray of the beloved film series and a number of adventures, characters, features and… stuff. Here’re five things that A Pirate’s Life brings to Sea of Thieves.

Jack Sparrow not Johnny Depp

A Pirate's Life what's new in Sea of Thieves' third season

Sparrow enters the world of Sea of Thieves voiced by Jared Butler. Even if Depp wasn’t persona non grata at Disney, it would just be too expensive to hire him. Butler does a solid job matching up for Depp, who’s been performing soundalike duty for Sparrow for over a decade now in games like Disney Infinity and Pirates of the Caribbean Online.

Sparrow also provides back up for players who may be coming in new to Sea of Thieves or simply struggle to find a good group. “[Not] all players play Sea of Thieves in a big crew with other players,” said Andy Preston, lead designer. “But these players, when playing A Pirate’s Life, they’ll have Jack Sparrow aboard the cannons whilst they’re sailing the ship.”

Five new Tall Tales

A Pirate's Life adds new stuff to Sea of Thieves

Unlike other crossovers, A Pirate’s Life is heavily focused on new story content, not just new cosmetics, timed challenges and exclusive events that typify these brand partnerships. There are five new Tall Tales that revolve around Jack Sparrow’s incursion from the Piratesiverse – or Carribeaniverse if you prefer – thanks to a magical treasure key that opens new worlds.

Not far behind him is Davy Jones, the tentacular tyrant who ain’t too keen on a world where dead men don’t answer to him. The story is spread out across five quest books that feature checkpoints so that you don’t have to complete the entire thing in one prolonged evening.

Brand new areas

A Pirate's Life adds new locations to Sea of Thieves

Two entirely new areas will be explored over the course of the story content of A Pirate’s Life. The Sunken Kingdom is an eerie underwater realm full of oceanic terrors while the Sea Of The Damned hides a town made out of shipwrecks and inhabited by the ghosts of the dead pirates who never made it out alive. These areas can be explored freely outside of the story, so they don’t go away when you finish all those Tall Tales.

There will also be world events to interrupt whenever the high seas get too calm, and puzzles to solve. For example, playing tunes on magic statues can raise or lower the sea level, opening and closing access to some areas of the Siren stronghold. And an absolutely wild boss fight takes place underground with a Kraken.

More enemy types

A Pirate's Life adds new enemies to Sea of Thieves

One of the more unfortunate aspects of Sea of Thieves has been the threadbare enemy variety. For years, it’s been mostly varieties of skeletons, which mostly hasn’t been a problem for a game that puts so much emphasis on creating your own adventure and exploring and finding secrets. The new enemy types should liven things up.

Sinister schools of sirens can fire long-range screeches and heal fellow sirens. Ocean crawlers are part man, part crustacean, all nuisance. While ghostly phantoms are fast moving flunkeys that threaten to terrify you just when you think you’re on safe terrestrial spaces. Okay, they’re just skeletons of a spectral variant, but come on. Hopefully a bottle of root beer is all you need to bust them ghosts.

New items and cosmetics

Of course, a new Sea of Thieves update wouldn’t be complete without new loot. Among the most meaningful of this is the new weapon, The Trident of Dark Tides. Presented as a magical artifact that will be found over the course of A Pirate’s Life, it also appears scattered throughout the game’s main world. It can fire a ball of energy or charged to create a powerful explosion.

The Pirate Emporium will also be updated to feature new Pirates of the Caribbean cosmetics, including outfits themed after Captain Jack ‘imself and his first mate and quartermaster Joshamee Gibbs and the Black Pearl ship set. There’s also a variety of Pirates of the Caribbean-themed emotes, and the dog with the keys in his mouth from the classic Pirates’ ride.

Rare says now’s as good a time as any to jump into Sea of Thieves, so if you’re a big Pirates of the Caribbean fan, why not. Sea of Thieves is playable on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S and Windows PC. It’s also free to subscribers of Xbox Game Pass.