343 Industries updates to Halo Infinite continue to impress

Halo Infinite multiplayer
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Halo Infinite has had a pretty solid launch, and speedy updates from 343 Industries are impressive, reacting to player feedback and smoothening out the rough spots of Infinite’s multiplayer.

I have enjoyed the hell out of Halo Infinite’s multiplayer module ever since it launched last November, but slick gunplay and return to series fundamentals aside, it wasn’t without flaws. Glacial XP progression, a lackluster selection of customization for free players, and a dearth of game modes have all spawned numerous player complaints. But in the past two months, 343 Industries has been on point in their response to players clamoring for improvements, and that’s genuinely impressive.

Daily match rewards quickly got a needed boost on November 30, giving a much needed speed bump to multiplayer XP progression. Slayer, FFA Slayer, and SWAT match queues quickly dropped the week after the launch of the single player campaign on December 14, doing a ton to improve game variety. A mostly disappointing Fracture: Tenrai and its misleading launch trailer got a refresh in the first week of 2022, with a much improved free Event Pass and a more packed progression of nifty samurai-themed cosmetics.

Tweaks are being made to aspects likely to affect Halo Infinite’s bottom line, with changes announced to microtransactions. Lowered bundle prices have already surfaced in the store, and a Halo Waypoint word of god forum post has announced that more single items will be featured in the Infinite items store, decoupled from pricier bundles.

But the biggest change to come is when Halo Infinite gets updates for Season 2 in May, upon which credits will be made available to earn via gameplay. Details are still scarce, whether this will be something you can earn regularly, or through set points in the Battle Pass, much like how you can earn a number of XP boosts and challenge drops in Season 1, but it would be a seismic shift in Halo’s previously achievements-only or premium currency-only customization items.

Rapid response on the part of 343 Industries is pretty encouraging, and is quickly improving some of the rougher parts of the multiplayer experience. It’s not totally rosy, as lingering issues remain. Perhaps most notably, Big Team Battles, the massive 12 versus 12 game mode, is still suffering major connectivity issues even after a January 19 hotfix targeting the problem was deployed. It’s a shame too, as BTB’s larger maps are pretty good at showcasing Halo’s vehicular shenanigans, power weapons, and janky physics, making it easily the most “Halo” of Infinite’s game modes.

I’m hoping that 343’s responsiveness is a good sign for the health of the game and the franchise to come, and I’m interested to see what Season 2 (which should bring coop campaigns) will bring to Halo Infinite.